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Which one direction member are you dating a boy, which One Direction member would date you?

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You were cuddling in bed with your boyfriend Louis watching Love Actually and things started to get heated. You were out to lunch with your brother Siva in your hometown Dublin. You two were catching up on everything and he was in the middle of telling you about something Tom did on the tour bus when the bell above the diner door rang. You both got naked and just when Louis was about to thrust into you, your door swung up and you heard a scream.

You started laughing and rolled onto your back. Levi had taken off his coat and waistcoat and was fanning himself with his hat. Louis says why did you squeal like that?

When you looked into the room Liam was looking at you confused. You started crying and Louis comes over and hugs you and whispers comforting things in your ear. They have gone round the circle, back to novelty again. Tom says what the hell is going on here? Harry shouts boyfriend and Nathan shouts brother!

All the boys looked at you and you just looked down and blushed. You hear footsteps and see Max in the doorway of your bedroom. You look and see your brother Tom Parker standing in the doorway. You were in your pool with Max when your mom called you into the house.

You and Max got out off the pool and slowly walked into the house hand in hand and when you open the sliding door you saw Zayn and his band mates standing in the living room.

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He kisses your forehead and someone lets out a cough and you see Nathan standing there awkwardly. You look at Max then your brother and you saw really fast Zaynismybrother. You look behind you and see your brother Harry Styles come running over to you. Nathan giggled and followed you. You say well I guess you already know each other.

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Louis looks at you nervously and in a blink of an eye Tom pushed Louis against the wall and started punching him. Upon those, had followed Gabelle's letter the appeal of an innocent prisoner, in danger of death.

Which One Direction member would date you?

Him and Louis ended up becoming friends and only had playful twitter fights. You look up and see your boyfriend Niall standing there with Zayn. Siva says I would never break you two up and Niall says I would never break up with you.

But only in that with regard to material objects and causes. You say yes and run to him and jump into his arms. All of sudden Louis comes running in and says I heard The Wanted is here. You say Niall, dating etique Zayn would you like to join us.

You smile and hug Siva and then kiss Niall. When you were up high enough you jumped off the swing and landed flat on your face. You turn around and look between your brother and Niall and Zayn. You say I will be right back Siva and you run over to Niall and kiss him.

You saw Nathan running over to you and he came over and said you okay baby. For on their close approach the door of the turnpike-house opened. You give him pleading eyes and Max pulls Tom off of him. You said no reason and the boys just shrugged it off.

It took all the boys of One Direction to pull Zayn off of Max. Gabriella goes on a date with a member of one direction find out who it is in todays mystery gaming video. Zayn looks at you and you say and I'mdatingMax.

You had not seen him in months do to the fact he was on tour. He let out a laugh and came over and started pushing you.

You say Nathan this is my brother Harry, Harry this is my boyfriend Nathan. Jay had a confused look but when he saw you he laughed and got up and helped you up. You started swinging and said Nathan come push me! You put them in separate corners of the room and have a talk with both of them and they ended up becoming acquaintances.

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