Vengeance Sound Pack Collection

The chords can be arranged just the way you want them. You loved the Future House construction kits! Welcome to Deep House heaven!

All audio tracks are perfectly blended to deliver the scary pressure and force you need. Please watch our product video or check out our demoversion! All areas of HandsUp are here!

Vengeance Samplepacks

Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol. Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol. Vengeance Total Dance Sounds - This is your complete dance music production package!

Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol. Bored of too much melody, loving minimalistic arrangements, epic bass sounds and pure one-shot beauty?

Vengeance SamplePacks

Who dont remember this smashing dance genre back in the early s? Vengeance Electro Essentials just keeps getting better! Even the lyrics for the vocals are included as text files! An inexhaustible, gigantic source of ideas and inspiration, which no modern trance producer should ignore!

This is an expansive landscape of inspiration and incredible resource for any modern trance producer! You will keep asking yourself how the hell this was done in just one single Instrument!

Complete Vocal support ahead! It's time for fresh, new fills!

Vengeance Studio Vocals Vol. Very obviously, Electro infected you. But Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol. Feel the analog power difference! Of course, all the sounds are still perfect for use with other electronic music genres!

Vengeance Sound

Lifters, hits, sweeps, tonal sounds - everything you need to spice up your track is right in here! The Trance Sensation series is back with an epic Vol. Especially the drumkits are a true gamechanger.

Finally - Trance Two has landed! Purchase this time-saver today and put an end to the creativity sapping tediousness of editing of dozens of velocities and automation tracks. You know that creating a complex break and build up is a tedious and time consuming thing. This huge samplepack contains more than samples created by Christian Clever and Daniel Kramarz.


Hundreds of small details need to be noted, cut and edited. Nylon, steel and distorted guitars are included in this mix, covering modern dance and chart music styles. Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol.

HandsUp melodies - all combined in one magnificent sample pack! Enjoy of the deepest and coolest techy sounds you will ever encounter. This style is rocking the clubs worldwide! Phalanx has mind blowing new features on board and main focus on a quick, comfortable and easy workflow, which will invite you to try out new ways and crazy things.

This time, by popular request, more oneshots, kicks, minimal percussion, claps, bass, and synths. Get the next batch of spices for your track! Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol. Vengeance Dance Explosion Vol.

All tonal sounds are labeled by key. This is a true must have for every Avenger user and belongs in every sound collection, no matter if you are producing trance, modern electronic music, ambient, pop music, windows xp gold cobra edition sp3 iso hiphop or cinematic music.

This is the beginning of a new Sample Pack collection, focusing on hardcore Electro styles! Drag and drop, then you're done! These powerful effect processors will become indispensable in your daily production situations.

Together with its huge library and tons of unique and outstanding new features, Avenger is a true game changer. No cooking without spices. No music without the Vengeance Effects series!

EDM / Club / Dubstep

Techno pioneers Pascal Feos, Andreas Mugge, Gabriel Le Mar and Frank Leicher contribute samples that show off the minimal, dub, techno and tech-house skills they are so well known for! Phalanx is the new sampler which will be the heart and center of your music production. Vengeance Electroshock Vol. You'll find everything that modern HandsUp has to offer. Vengeance Analog Drums Vol.

This one is going to revolutionize house music! This time its all dedicated to Trance! Everything is ready to use, well mixed and crafted so you can focus on the arrangement.

Including more than wav files, this is our biggest and best sample pack ever. Some other highlights of this sample pack include pre-shifted snares and claps. Should be in every collection!

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