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The filter element was quite black. When I cycle them on the ground the inboard end of the left flap move inward when the flap is supposed to be going down. How sad that you where taxiing out just as I had arrived.

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The next step is to find out whether I can make one of the heat exchangers that I have smaller by sawing off one end of it. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

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At any rate, the non-airplane aspects of my life have been more than usually complicated lately, and I've spent less time than usual on the plane. May I take the opportunity to state that one of your eminent scientists, the late Dr. The object to the left is the exhaust pipe, and the one to the right is a fairing enclosing the engine breather and cloaca. That seemed to solve the problem. So between lack of time and uncertain motivation, the intercooler is making no headway at all.

The intercooler must be able to be built piecemeal, without having to ground the airplane for long at any stage. Evidently my carbon-detecting skills are poor, since I had inspected all the plugs and not recognized this condition. But it looks strange, I think, to place a comma immediately after an em dash.

Redwood is a material of constantly varying density, and singularly ill suited to mold-making. Either effect would be highly undesirable and potentially hazardous.

My comm radios are Collins Micro-Line dating back to or so. As it turned out, getting at the filter was not so difficult as I feared, survivor dating couples and I managed to complete the job without spilling a drop of either hydraulic fluid or blood.

But the girls got tired after a while. On the first outing, it was free of reflections and perfectly visible as long as I did not look at it through my polarizing sunglasses, which make it appear completely dark. The problem with the alternator turned out to be the alternator. Hydraulics are inherently baffling, at least to me, but I think this must mean that there is a leak in either the master or the slave cylinder for the inboard end of the left flap.

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Lake who built Eckert's switch box is also present. They're great radios and I have no complaint about them at all. You'd do a multiplication and when the answer appeared, you had to write it down to reenter it into the machine to do the next calculation. The one on the left is the inlet. Maybe that will encourage me to make some headway on the intercooler tanks.

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