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The Needle by Francis King

This is a fast paced suspense novel about a private investigator and how she has to deal with her past trauma of being stalked by a serial killer. It is an enjoyable read for anyone who loves suspense and action.

This is a fast paced thriller about a no-nonsense detective investigating about the murder of the people related to sex crime and to prevent the imminent murder of a woman character. Hi, I came across this link in a google search. Crisp writing, great characters. All of them look fab, though. Perhaps everything in Khorasan isn't exactly as it seems.

It is a wonderful book from the author about Seth Hubbart and his will, after he commits suicide in a sycamore tree. As the mystery is solved, the reader is left satisfied with an amazing conclusion. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. This is a good read about the author's famous character Jack Reacher. The plot is beautifully complex and the writing is excellent.

Fresh pastures, here I come. The Inheritance Trilogy by N. Instead he embarks on a private investigation, ultimately finding himself torn between patriotic duty and personal honor. It is basically a science fiction thriller. The author might not be as well known and popular as J.

Dead Wrong by Mariah Stuart. This sophisticated thriller twists The Other Woman mythology in a dazzlingly new way. Share this story, Choose your platform!

The book is a high-suspense drama where three heroes of the story must stop a killer from killing or maiming thousands of innocent people at any cost in the Midwestern city. Are you looking for free ebook download sites?

Who would want the prince dead? This novel is a great action novel and contains great new characters. The plot revolves around a waitress in a small town who meets her vampire of her dreams in her real life and then all the strange things start happening. When Sarah decides to find Eddie no matter what, is she prepared to uncover a truth best left buried? We realize that suspense is one of the most popular literature genres, so it can be hard to know what to look for.

Dead Silence by Brenda Novak. The back story is incredibly well-written, and there are so many things that click into place along the way that feel like personal victories for the reader as well. Mean Streak by Sandra Brown.

And a smart guy in a tweed jacket? And it gets even better from that moment on! When Alice runs into her old college roommate, can she keep their shared secret from clouding her mind?

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Lessons of Evil by Linda B. Yep, Odd Thomas is a great character.

Every time she opens the door to her apartment, you're terrified with her that he'll be waiting for her. As the government plans to flood out their rural Tennessee town to modernize and bring electricity to more inhabitants, the Dodsons enter a battle against time and nature itself.

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Looking for good mystery books? The story is terrifying because it plays on your fear of the dark and not being able to see what might be coming for you. The beautiful bride Serena is cruel, cunning, and seductive. Check the Best New Authors.

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It has all the materials that makes a suspense thriller excellent. This is also a popular theme in romantic suspense novels, and authors implement it quite well in their books to make them fly off the shelves. This is one of the novels that every action thriller reader would like to read. Set across continents and time, these twisty thrillers, novels of suspense, and mysteries laced with page-turning tension reflect the best of the genre today. This page turner mixes beautifully the elements of human evolution, conspiracy, Nazis, alien technology, godswar gold maker.exe end of the world scenarios and the lost city of Atlantis.