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And I understand I need to visit my doctor for clarification. You need to make a decision about a partner based not on your hepatitis B, but on whether he is a good person.

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That is what a responsible and caring partner does. This is no whimsical belief. And our dreams shall never die.

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Oftentimes the greatest success comes from taking the greatest risk. If you have been together for several years, why is he saying this now? Thank you so much for replying. But the campaign never ends. The two main points of change are that my life is focused on being insanely useful to others, and the other is that everything I do has got to be ethical.

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Why exactly does he want to break up? If he rejects you because of your hepatitis B, he is not worth having a relationship with. Eating healthy foods and leading a healthy lifestyle will strengthen your immune system and help you control your infection.

Be the tortoise, not the hare. Thank you for all who supported hep b org out there. Did you tell your girlfriend about your hepatitis B?

Life is much more fun as every day I find ways to share my gift, and I get to discover and admire the greatness in everyone I meet. One morning, just like that after years of searching I woke up and I was done with the story of not deserving a great life. Did anyone up there inspire you? New opportunities, new offers. This paralyzed me because I had no idea where to start.

There are many people who succeed in this world in the presence of severe obstacles. Instead of turning down opportunities that seemed intimidating, heraclito teoria yahoo dating I started embracing them. We make black and white dating easy.