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Smarthome Office Security Linux. You can easily search for any app, setting, or file just by typing its name. You can also add Web site icons and sort each menu of icons in alphabetical order. Click on the orb, and up pops ViStart's Start menu with your folders and shortcuts on the left pane and links to popular Windows features and locations on the right.

Clicking on the Apps icon lets you choose to see all of your apps, only desktop apps, or just Modern apps. This keeps it fundamental and only activate your most generally demanded items, or all-around so you can obtain the navigation through your entire device from the very Start button.

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But you might as well stick with Classic Shell. The tool will collect information about your system to help with troubleshooting. The program offers an array of basic and advanced settings that you can tweak all you want.

Open the Start menuFree Classic Style Start Menu for Use with Windows 8Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

Clicking on the Start orb displays a familiar two-column menu with your programs on the left and various Windows settings and locations on the right. You can then click or tap on any tile to open the item. No more frustration, I can work just like I used to!

The Start menu actually grabs shortcuts from two different places. But that's no coincidence.

Some of the collected information may be sensitive like what applications you have installed. Each button triggers a different function. Make sure you download the right version. The traditional Run and Search commands are available.

You can view your Start Menu folder, My Documents folder, recent items, or even a random folder of your choice. You should just wait for it directly from the start menu. With the menu as your starting point, you can navigate to virtually any application, file, polar bowler strike or area in Windows.

What's the difference between the free and paid products? Do not run as administrator. You can change the look of the orb and the color of the menu itself.

And when you search from the Pokki menu, Windows Store apps are now included in the results. The familiar Search tool and Shutdown options are also accessible at the bottom of the menu.

The bottom of the menu sports more features, notably a search tool. ViStart is a simple and quick way to get back the Start menu, as long as you don't mind the inability to customize the menu. Start Menu Reviver lends itself to customization.

Create a Start Menu Toolbar

Free Classic Style Start Menu for Use with Windows 8

There's even an option to easily run a program or file as an administrator. The free edition is certainly worth checking out.

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ViStart presents one obstacle, though. And the familiar Run command is handily available. If you are having problems uninstalling or upgrading Classic Shell, please read this forum post. Save system log The tool will collect information about your system to help with troubleshooting. You can move the smaller window around the desktop by dragging it from its title bar.

And those are just what you'll find here. Touchscreen This solution enables you to combine the use of a mouse and a touch screen on tablets. You can then choose which programs you want to appear, how to sort them, and whether or not to display links to Modern apps. It still shows your most frequently used apps.

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Open the Start menu

Get daily tips in your inbox. Or post a message in the forums. Metro is now baked into Explorer.

And you can now search for and launch Windows Store apps directly from the program's submenu. So there seems no way to customize the menu. Right off the bat, the program's Start menu looks and feels different than the Start menus offered by other programs.