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Instead, it remains as a beautiful memory. Of course, we wondered if this would get through to the audience. She's cute, lovable, and knows how to treat guys. He decided to become a singer at the age of ten, hook up easily after being inspired by the Korean rock musician Kim Jung-min.

My actual ideal type is an innocent girl. Yun Jae had been in love with Siwon, played by A Pink's Eunji, but decided to give up on her initially when his older brother, Tae Woong, confessed his feelings out loud first.

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The album debuted at number nine on the Oricon Daily Chart. When we did try again and finished shooting the scene, it really did hurt.

Does first love come true? Our director is amazing for getting this scene to really speak to people. But first love is not just liking someone, getting together, and breaking up. Of course, before that, I experienced unrequited feelings.

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He becomes an idiot for her. Yun Jae finds out much later and ends up feeling bad about not recognizing Jun Hee's dilemma earlier. This is the same for the girl he likes. We kept laughing because we're both guys. He doesn't care about things he doesn't care about, and he's honest about the things he is interested in.

But when I look around, I do see people who it has worked out for. So maybe that's why it didn't work out in the end. There's nothing that makes us cringe usually, but at that time, we were cringing out of awkwardness.

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