Raw 2008

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Some of the wrestlers will keep leaving the ring to get the ladder, keeping their numbers in your favor. Articles with short description Featured lists. The character will automatically do a Triple Jump Moonsault inside the ring onto the opponent. You now can use weapons and will not be disqualified, making the tournament a lot easier.

Learn more More Like This. Set the table up inside the ring or outside but not in the special places. Then, press X to stomp on it. Players can choose to play one of the game's included superstars or create a superstar, or as a general manager of one of the brand. Their special move involves an eye-poke and a low blow which causes a lot of damage to the head and torso.

2008 List of Monday Night RAW resultsPro Wrestling

Michael Cole Michael Coulthard. The Xbox has the custom soundtrack feature which people can import their own music in superstars entrances. If the first strike connects, the defending wrestler is not able to block, avoid or counter the remainder of the strikes in the combination. New wrestling types of matches all ready to be played. What do you hope to see in the next-gen?

Wrestle with all of your favorite wwe wrestlers as well as divas. Matt Striker Matthew Kaye.

Save the game, and repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of money. The game featured the Fighting Style System which would not appear in later games. To it set on fire, get a full bar for your finisher, and press Finisher. Put one of the ladders up by the entrance. You will have made enough to renew the contracts again.

Store your fighting style icon, and use the dirty special move. See our Video Games Guide for more. While this causes full momentum, it also causes critical head damage.

This would be the last game to feature the Buried Alive Match, as it would not appear in its sequel SmackDown vs. Click the Right Analog-stick to put the ladder on your head.

Run advertisement promos each week, along with your superstars being at popularity. If the attacker attempts a grapple move, the defending wrestler will go for a pin attempt which is difficult to break out of.

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To set a table on fire, have two specials stored. Together, you're unstoppable. Go forward a couple of weeks into the calendar, and simulate matches up until that date. Why Being Bad Feels so Good. After awhile, you will get dizzy and drop the ladder.

The best superstars will be stolen by the opposing shows. Run either to the top or bottom of the ring, and get another chair. High-flyers can perform springboard diving attacks to opponents inside or outside of the ring. Also, the choice of fighting styles limited the variety of moves available in create-a-moveset.

Turn off every superstar, and only leave on the created superstar. The Real Johnny Cage Returns! The next week you will get your salary notification. Choose to simulate all matches up to this date. Well, don't let Mr McMahon hear you say that, otherwise you might wind up doing it for free.

Press X to stomp on the chair. And, depending on primary ability, avast antivirus for 3 year they would also be able to perform a unique move that can only be activated if the player has a stored finisher icon. Your character should light it on fire.

They strike themselves in the face repeated until they bleed. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. Wait for the other superstars to get to you. In a FatalWay match, put both player one and two on any two goons.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 20082008 WWE draft

Like previous games in the series, the game also allows players to challenge for and defend championships. You should get a lot of money.

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General Manager and Create-An-Entrance. They can also use the referee as a human shield, making themselves immune to all attacks. This is difficult to avoid and momentarily stuns the opponent and the referee.

The Road to Wrestlemania is back and better than ever with more characters to choose from, including your own superstar. Free for All Tribute to the Troops results. Despite the inclusion of the brand, the video game franchise will keep its SmackDown!

Jim Ross, one of the draftees, was unaware he was to switch brands during the draft. Performing taunts or dives from higher positions cause a faster rise in momentum. For example, Carlito and Chavo Guerrero did not have the ability to perform any of their springboard attacks, and Mr. Technical wrestlers automatically reversed all quick grapple moves until they had taken a good deal of arm damage. Super Crazy Francisco Islas.

Hardcore wrestlers get momentum bonuses for using weapons. Play as a wrestler with the Hardcore style for example, Sandman, Sabu, etc. Split of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. If your opponent is face up, press A to put the chair on his or her throat.

The easiest way to get popularity is to go on trophy dates. The Raw brand earned five televised selections through their representatives winning five different matches, while they received six supplemental selections.