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Another note lay beside the sarny. The boy whose smile makes your whole world complete. When you saw Jonghyun appear on the news channel you stopped.

You unlocked it and the first thing you saw was a picture of the boy you had been dating for three years. Now you understood, because he was dating someone else. The three years you had been dating Jonghyun might have been the best years of your life but also the toughest. But the problem was that you constantly had to hide those emotions for everyone.

Jonghyun looked down to the floor sighing. Your eyes wided up and tears immediately watered your cheeks when you saw pictures of him kissing and holding hands with another girl. They did it all for this hoax to work. He really, truly loves his fans. You even had to cancel your trip to Hawaii for your second anniversary!

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There was no order in your mind. Your shaky hand picked up the phone. Suddenly you heard the sound of the door unlocking and you immediately stood up from the comfy sofa. Tears streamed down his cheeks.

Nu est jr dating

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Who has a girlfriend in NU EST

Between whether to write an emotional letter to Jonghyun and asking him if he knew what he was doing to you or write him an angry text calling him out. With an unstable hand you typed in his number on your phone and pressed call. You always had to go on secret dates so nobody would suspect anything.

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If I wanted our relationship to last I had to do what they told me to do. You woke up to the annoying sound of the alarm clock buzzing. Jonghyun just shook his head again. Why are you making me suffer so much? For three years I had to hide the relationship that I wanted everyone to know about.

It was flowing with stupid ideas of what to answer to his request. For three years we had to go on secret and often uncomfortable dates just to be able to be together. With such strong emotions that they were way too overwhelming for you to handle.

An exhausted Jonghyun walked into the flat with a red face and wet cheeks. He gulped while he tried to figure out something to say. On the girl that gave you everything and loved you deeper than anybody ever could. The amount of hate and anger you felt against his company for exhausting the love of your life was deeper than the sea.

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  • You picked up the closest pillow and let you eyes water it.
  • He gave you a soft smile not knowing what else to do at that moment.
  • And now you are here to get me back?
  • You browsed through the channels.
  • He took a step closer to you but you took a step back not allowing him to get close to you.

You watched him hurting due to pressure and exhaustion. You wiped away the tears off your cheeks with your sleeve. The amount of dates that you randomly had to cancel due to the pressure from his company was nothing but sad. He digged his head into your shoulder.

The trip you had been saving for, net dating assistant m6 for over a year. They even photoshopped pictures of me and her kissing! Your hand aggressively hit the snooze button.

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It was like a heavy cloud just fell on top of you, leaving you in complete despair and sadness. Between whether you wanted to die or kill someone. To apologize and get me back? When he hugs the fans, he hugs them with everything he has.

  1. This time, you turned it off.
  2. You picked your absolute favorite film and turned it on in a desperate attempt to cheer yourself up.
  3. The public, your family and friends and yes, even his members!
  4. Everything from going on secret dates to cancelling our trip that I had been looking forward to for over a year.
  5. The alarm clock buzzed again.
  6. Happy birthday to our precious Augmon!

He makes sure not to have any formality or ranking between the members. You went through another round of crying before you went to the kitchen and picked out your favorite flavour of ice cream from the freezer. See this in the app Show more. Stuck between whether to cry into the pillow or to throw it across the room.

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But about a month ago they defenitely took the cake by forcing me into a fake relationship with a random model I had never met. If you want to learn more about them, ask me. If you aren't a fan, I cordially invite you to join the dark side.

Gone early to work once again. If you want me to convince you of their perfection, ask me. He does that thing with his hair. You were stuck between sadness and anger.

Who has a girlfriend in NU EST

Why are you doing this to me? You rose up out of bed and walked into the kitchen. You really do deserve much much much better than that.

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