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Open Wi-Fi points seemed just fine though. Kamran Kamran Mobile Number. There was plenty of volume, but there was some hollowness to the audio, making it sound as if our callers were talking in an empty room. We looked at a close-to-production model Curve a few months ago albeit one marked for the Death Star. Arshad Arshad Mobile Number.

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It's best for you to check them directly on their website. If you do serious business, well, the choice is made for you. It feels comfortable to use a both a phone and messaging device and fit into a pants pocket. It wasn't anything that stopped us in our tracks or left us completely frustrated, and overall, we're pleased with the general performance.

This means you can make and receive unlimited calls over a wireless network and not have the minutes deducted from your cellular plan. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Not only does it feel more solid but it's also comfortable to use as a phone and a messaging device. Are you satisfied with it?

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It's a feature that could really have given the an edge over its competition. Settings can be a bit of a listicle labyrinth, but for the most part, everything's presented right up front and easy to get to. We also noticed a bit of shutter lag, so be sure not to move to quickly away from the scene after pressing the capture button. The keyboard, I feel, is better than the original Curve's, with a more pronounced sloped to the keys, a la BlackBerry Bold. Gadget collecting dust in a junk drawer?

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That said, the Curve keyboard is still one of the best smartphone keyboards you'll ever tap on. Visit manufacturer site for details.

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Naveed Naveed Mobile Number. The side controls, which are outlined below, also allows for easy one-handed operation.

In camera mode, you get a choice of three picture sizes and three picture qualities. The one minor complaint I have about the interface is that a lot of the icons look the same so it's a bit hard to distinguish different folders and applications on screen just at a glance. Specs Opinions Price Videos Compare. This may be problematic when connecting to some websites. If you're buying a new iPhone, this should be your starting point.

The Curve also runs the latest version of the BlackBerry operating system so you get an updated user interface. It has tapered edges like the BlackBerry Storm and the metallic paint gives the a fresh, modern. One of the most-needed improvements was in the area of Web browsing, and the Curve delivers.

In order to use Wi-Fi, your phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Besides it's key pad apparently looks hard to type msgs but in real, one can easily types msgs. Ilyas Ilyas Mobile Number. On Average how many times do you check your phone?

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Any one interested can send me an email. Video playback was quite impressive. The media player can support a variety of music and video formats and it ships with software that will help you sync your personal library with the device including your iTunes library.

BlackBerry Curve (T-Mobile) review BlackBerry Curve (T-Mobile)

Abdulllah Abdulllah Mobile Number. Nabeel Nabeel Mobile Number. So far, our experience on this retail unit for T-Mobile has been pretty much the same as it was on the prototype, sathya sai baba aarti both good and bad but mostly good.

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Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Which apps do you have on it? If you do not use it, it's better to cancel early. There are white balance settings, and you can add various effects to your photos, such as black and white, and sepia.

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Latest Mobile in Pakistan. The BlackBerry Curve also ships with a number of personal information management tools, such as a Calendar, a task list, a memo pad, a voice recorder, a calculator, a password keeper, and more. Wi-Fi is not always free and depends on your location. Also, while style is subjective, we have to say we dig the look of the Curve over the previous Curve series.

Finally, while not immediately visible, there's a mute button and a lock key on top the unit. Below the display, you have your standard navigation array that includes Talk and End keys, a menu shortcut, a back button, and the trackball navigator. The Curve took decent photos in well-lit rooms, but had some problems in darker environments. Our review unit had no problem finding and connecting to our Wi-Fi network.

There's quite a catalog of applications available for BlackBerrys, whether you're looking for new games or software for your job. Despite all these other features, e-mail remains the heart and soul of the BlackBerry.

Its camera results are awesome. There's also an on-screen cursor that you can move in any direction and place on any part of the page where you can click a link. Some locations are public and simply requires you to connect to its wireless network. Browsing and navigating sites is made better by the Page and Column view options and onscreen cursor.

BlackBerry Curve (T-Mobile) review BlackBerry Curve (T-Mobile)

There's a reason it's a corporate warrior's mandatory piece of kit. Oh, one other sore point for BlackBerry is trying to sync one to a Mac. For more add-ons, please check our cell phone accessories, ringtones, and help page.