Leadership And The One Minute Manager

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Situational leadership means you adjust how you lead others more or less direction? Not working harder, but working smarter.

Ken Blanchard book Leadership and the One Minute Manager

The recipient of numerous leadership awards and honors, he is co-founder with his wife, Margie, of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a leading international training and consulting firm. Coaching The leader continues to direct and closely monitor accomplishments, but also explains decisions, solicits suggestions, and supports progress.

Only a few key points, but made and reinforced well. The leader provides specific direction and closely monitors task accomplishment. Take that, grumpy old people.

You can expect more if you inspect more. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Situational leadership is clearly explained with the help of a few diagrams, easy to understand and apply. His brief books contain insights and practical tools that millions of people use to enjoy more happiness and success with less stress.

You're either working with the program or you don't exist. Situational leadership, wh I'm a big fan of leadership books that explain concepts and then give real-world examples to illustrate the manifestation of the concept. It doesn't help you when things go wrong, because like a lot of these books, it refuses to acknowledge bad employees, defiant employees, or even thoughtful dissent. Even in using a delegating style some direction and support are provided. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Open Preview See a Problem? It was short and up to the point, so it was nice to read.

Leadership and the One Minute ManagerBy Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

For decades, The One Minute Manager has helped millions achieve more successful professional and personal lives. One Minute Manager is not one of those books. This is a simple book about how to become a better manager. Acknowledges that people need different styles if management, and that a good manager rises to the occasion.

Why do all that when you can structure it like it's an Aesop's Fable for the corporate set? Might I suggest that writing intended for grown men and women who are supposed to manage The only thing worse than being wrong is being useless, and this book is rather useless. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Partnering for Performance is very important to making the whole system work.

Much of what is written, you may have seen in some form or fashion before, but the format and delivery are what makes this and others in the series so useful. It's theoretical high-level wishful thinking. There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals. Ken Blanchard, PhD is one of the most influential leadership experts in the world. Great book lots of insights.

Do you still praise that person? Commitment is a combination of confidence and motivation. They can function independently, without supervision, on some tasks, but need lots of direction and support on other tasks. There's an attempt at narrative to keep the reader's interest while others might find it pedantic.

Ken Blanchard book Leadership and the One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager

The information contained within is valuable. Inflated Length - The actual guidance information could be condensed into a pamphlet. Helping people manage themselves, so they enjoy their work more and are more productive. Again, if you're a manager looking to spruce up your skills, I recommend reading this book.

It's quick, easy, to the point, and the narrative isn't really that bad. Johnson is often referred to as the best there is at taking complex subjects and presenting simple solutions that work.

Sometimes dialogues are just silly. Everyone needs it at some point in their careers.

It introduces the concept of situational leadership. Situational leadership, while difficult to master, is an excellent leadership style to adopt as you manage relationships. The challenge as a future situational leader is not so much this new leadership model but rather getting this model introduced into your team. And that's the part that ultimately breaks Leadership and the One Minute Manager, iec 60060 1 high voltage test techniques the advice just isn't that useful.

Leadership and the One Minute Manager - Primary Goals

It comes across as clunky story-telling with unrealistic dialogue. Since that is it's goal, it achieves it, and I recommend this book to managers who don't have a lot of time on their hands.

Situational Leadership is not something you do to people but something you do with people. An all-round manager helps his team members to reach their agreed targets and helps them grow into competent and dedicated managers. Reprimands are not a training tool but a way to deal with motivation and attitude problems. Connect With Ken Blanchard.

Other books in the series. It just reeks of condescension. It is still good overview of how to set up the meetings with people you are leading.