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The title song was used as background music in key moments. The textual, graphic, audio and audiovisual material in this site is protected by copyright law. So only the capitalist will win. Telangana vachedi vunte adi without Hyderabad ye.

However, the love story is not effectively narrated. Heroine Meera Nandan with her girl next door looks is impressive.

Jagapathi Babu has got a good role but span of his character was very small. Instead, what you have is a silly romance in a largely unidimensional flick.

The love story part of the movie should have been dealt in a more interesting way. Songs of the movie already roaring in Telangana region, let us see how N. Chakri's music and some well-picturized songs are the film's key strengths. Jai Bolo Telangana song and Gaddar songs are excellent.

Shankar succeeded in his job as entire movie highlights the necessity of separate state. Performances Jagapathibabu as Telangana agitator delivers iconic performance. Maa thathayya bhagupadledu, maa ooru problem loo undhi anekantee think abt whole state and country then automatically your poor village will become best town.

This film portrays real life situation in the current state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Indeed, there should have been more folk numbers and probably a lot more of Gaddar, to up the mood, instead of mere sloganeering.

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What is the beeterment you guys will get after devided? Do you have the correct data? Strictly a must watch for T-audience. All political parties are responsible for this.

Despite few glitches in his Telangana accent, he manages to pull it off with his intense action. As per my knowledge, ee telangana vadhanni all political parties baga use checukunnaru. More than actors, it is the emotions of Telangana people that are portrayed on the screen and so we have huge casting derived from Telangana political circles. Director Shankar is applause worthy for not making the movie too preachy as he neatly clubbed comic scenes between serious dramatic episodes all through the film.

Understand this our telangana bros. The investors and politicians who ran the show of Seemandhra Movement against Telangana was projected crudely without any inhibitions. The music of the movie is in tandem with the socio-political flavour of the script. This blog is created to exchange information about the movie and to share opinions on the movie.

Akkadiki edo Hyderabad ni telangana vallu okkale develop chesinattu oo tega neelgutunnaru. The youth dislikes agitations and wants to lead a peaceful life.

Let me know if you wanted your country, state, city to be published here. What, then, is Shankar's idea of the agitation?

Making a film on a subject like this is a difficult task. On the other hand, an activist leader of united Andhra wants to get married to Meera and her family agrees to the proposal. But seeing it within the state. Cinematography could have been better and the locations look intentionally depressing. Jagapathi Babu appears in two roles and does a good job, whereas Smriti Irani delivers a decent performance.

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No where does he left the narration go feeble and intensity along with the feel of Telangana was well maintained. If you can overlook a few anti Seemandhra dialogues, then surely watch it for its technical brilliance in handling sensitive script.

On a whole, randy orton i hear voices Jai Bolo Telangana attempts at realistic portrayal of struggle and mindset of people in Telanagana. See Jai Bolo Telangana full details. The story of Jai Bolo Telangana is absolutely one-sided and intended to highlight the exploitation of Telanganaites by people from other regions.

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That's a lot of rich cinematic material - and potential to endear viewers - thrown down the drain. Smriti Irani is given a lot of screen space but her character is rendered ridiculous towards the end, diluting the already insipid story. Tokkamgana poratam Manchi gaa alochinchandra Biddalraaaa.

Daniki chinnathamga feel avvatamenduko. Is it the Telangana commoner's battle to break away from the big city and set up his own state flourishing in its own commerce and governance? Varshit is all out to fight for a separate state. Music by Chakri is very good. The movement continues and this is where N.