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We ultimately chose a flower fairy theme, tamil songs site with a focus on violets and purple tones. You can never have enough fun Fairy Party Ideas!

An evil wizard has cast a spell and taken the good magic from the Briar. There is something magical about the sparkle a fairy brings.

FREE Printable Fairy Invitation Templates

An Internet search can bring up thousands of royalty-free stock images, and you may even be able to source suitable images for free on sites such as Pixabay. Maybe seal the envelopes using themed stickers, or you could eliminate an envelope altogether and present the invitation in person as a scroll tied with ribbon instead.

The centerpiece of the dessert table was this cake from Scrumdiddlyumptious Bakery. You might also like More from author. On the blank side of the invitation, I wrote a poem. This sweet card is available with both pink and blue backgrounds, making it perfect for both girls and boys. This party is absolutely magical Jennifer!

Fairy Birthday Invitations

Your event details pop in blue, black, and red letters over a yellow backdrop. Just add their name, age, etc. If she had cut a coloured star slightly too small, I just left a small white cardboard boarder around the too-narrow sections, which was covered up later by the glitter glue. On the back, I modified a poem I found on this website.

Pink color theme with princess. No party is complete without a yummy punch!

Fairy Party Invitations DIY Printable Fairy And Butterfly Kit

Her name is xxx, and she is turning six. See the tutorial for the washi tape boxes here. It was so interesting to observe that when the girls were six, they needed more hands-on help with this project, but at seven, they were totally independent.

We filled in the printed side with all of the party details- date and time, location, etc. The blue background with fluffy clouds lets the red, black, and dark blue lettering stand out. Come and join me as I turn one! This was my first time using mason jars big hit and paper straws they held up wonderfully. Click on on the picture and save the image as.

Printable Birthday Invitation Kit

Printable Birthday Invitation Kit

The classic look continues with a relaxed Mickey providing your party details in a speech bubble. Glue the invitations onto white cardboard and cut the stars out again.

Green simple theme for boys and girls. The front of the invitation had a picture of a castle at the end of a rainbow with Tinker Bell in the for- front of the picture with other pixies flying around the castle.

Next up was a fairy scavenger hunt. Head over to Pinterest and browse the Birthday party invitation wording Pin board for inspiration.

FREE Printable Fairy Invitation Templates

She had gone to Libby Lu's a few months earlier, so I had pictures of her with her hair all up, a tiara on and sparkles on, etc. Another enthusiastically stated, I'll do it!

Pixy Stix make for not only a sweet treat but just the magical ingredient you are looking for at a fairy party. Well, you can use it both for birthday, baby shower or another party.

Soft Touch Business Cards. My recent post Additions to the Stash. See all Promotional Giveaways.

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Bridal Shower Invitations. Our selection of blue-themed templates can be used to create party invitations for a very special birthday boy. Rectangular Keychain Lights. The good fairies there will help you earn your wings. Split wooden chopsticks in half, and glue one half onto the back of each star.

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