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The story is so smart, filled with great characters. Mika finds out her mother's hidden past and her passion for the man she loved. The writer deserves the credit, for bringing such a thoughtful, compelling story to viewers. The first Korean drama to integrate animation and live action, Someday is like no drama that has come before. This drama started so good.

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The man falls for the lies told by the woman and ends up falling madly in love with her. Episodes Open Thread by Saya. This is a cute and interesting drama. This drama portrays the power of working mothers with its main character Shim Jaebok who is an energetic, diligent working mom and wife.

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Their chemistry overshadowed the flaws of the series. Yes, I thought the finale was terrible.

Thus, my main issue with Mother was what it cost me in Kleenex. Kim Woo Jin is a stage drama writer while Korea is under Japanese occupation.

Eun Soo and returns to his time period so that the doctor can save the injured Princess No Guk. Yool's mother gets Lady Suh, Yool's nanny, to say that Shin requested her to do it. Though I have so many unanswered questions, I still think this drama is good.

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Feel free to scroll down below. Enough happened in this episode for me to give it its own post.

This drama carried a meaningful message while giving us lots of entertaining and cute moments, and of course a sweet and satisfying finale. Plot-wise, it was so-so, but I like how things turned out. Bong's work is layered with the skill of comedy and drama, both often so dark and thick that you can put your hand in and not feel the bottom. You know a drama's good when it makes you cry. If I saw this episode without knowing Nodame, I would think Naeil was the most retarded intolerable drama heroine I've ever seen.

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Until now, they are still dating. After we die, dating website scripts free we will never be given a second chance to do the things we wish we should have done. Plus you get to see tons of good-looking-shirtless actors running around.

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