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Clan war matchmaking coc, supercell Support

Previously, a village could be carefully manicured to hide a powerful defence or troop from matchmaking. War Mirror The misconception is that a mirror in a Battle Map has some sort of correlation. Immediately after upgrading Town Hall, the focus is on upgrading troops, spells, heroes, camps, labs, basically anything apart from defensive buildings.

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The Clash of Clans dev team has and will continue to make small adjustments and tweaks to Clan Wars matchmaking over time, even if system-wide revamps like these come rarely. This will allow us to monitor the matchmaking, make changes if we feel the weights are either too heavy or not heavy enough. This was the status quo for a long time, but then suddenly engineering got more and more popular. Do you have any very low Town Halls in your war lineup?

Clan War Matchmaking Improvements

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Matchmaking will prioritize defensive capabilities in pairing Clans. What this means for you is that your Clan will be more evenly matched against other Clans that have similar builds.

The place a base occupies on the Battle Map does not reflect the war weight of that base. This ensures that your opponents are worthy adversaries.

Additionally, Clan Wars matchmaking has been fitted with new routines aimed at better balancing entire teams, rather than just individual lanes. You will not get a response there, but your data is being processed if you believe you got outmatched.

At the same time, matchmaking calculations have been rebalanced with the goal of better representing village progress.

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These points are called war weight. To ensure that your war weight is minimised and an easier war matchup is found. Help Supercell improve the algorithm! Furthermore, we have also built in a certain degree of flexibility into the new system that allows us to fine tune the matchmaking weights as needed. There is a thread in the official forum where you can report your mismatch and this will get closer analyzed by Supercell.

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This helps not searching for days to find a matching clan but in return created unfair wars. Our improved algorithm is an evolutionary step in making sure Clans will be matched more frequently against opponents of equivalent difficulty. Win-Streaks and Team Balance In Clan Wars, some Clans struggle to ever come away with a win, while others seem to win constantly and rarely find a challenging opponent. This is the reason why the matchmaking does create problems right now. Even one single engineered base can mess up your matchmaking!

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Clans who have been recently losing a lot will be more likely to be matched with other Clans who are also struggling to find a win, thus helping to break long losing-streaks. The matchmaking algorithm is still currently in development and is slated for a near-future release soon! Of course, there will never ever be a matchmaking algorithm that will prevent you from getting one single mismatch, but the path is the right although still in need of more tweaking. In reality, it will generate hours of waiting times because you have to wait until such a clan is searching for a Clan War at the same time as your clan does.

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Clan War Matchmaking – Less Mismatches

The team is also looking forward to making even more improvements to the Clan Wars experience this year, starting with these changes to help everyone get better war matchups. Simply spoken, they worked on matching clans with engineered bases more often with clans that have engineered bases and maxed clans with other maxed clans. Similarly, Clans who have been winning a lot will be more likely to encounter other winning Clans. Powerful, late-game defences and troops like Inferno Towers, list of dating sites in odessa tx Eagle Artillery and Grand Warden will have much greater matchmaking impact. The matchmaking algorithm is still currently in development and is slated for a near-future release!

It will place greater emphasis on matching the top of the war map, and less emphasis on matching the bottom. But we wanted to make sure we communicated this to you all and let you know that ensuring an enjoyable Clan War is just as important to us as it is to you. Total team defensive strength will also be analysed to help filter out war matchups that are imbalanced on a map-wide scale. The algorithm, as in the state of today, will compare your defensive and offensive weights and identify if there is an imbalance.