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Ach Elslein, liebes Elslein mein. It's played commonly by orchestras, bands, on piano etc. Anyway - what a gorgeous song.

Si La Noche has a tendency to stick in your head, after listening to it. This composer Michael Praetorious really knows how to write.

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Hierusalem Surge Hor an mein Klag. The range of responses created are of great variety, and even opposite, depending on numerous factors such as, setting, culture, audience, and even time of day.

In spite of the international distribution common to syndicated background music artists, it is often associated with artistic failure and a lack of musical talent in the entertainment industry. Because the aim of background music is passive listening, vocals, commercial interruptions, and complexity are typically avoided. The widespread use of background music in offices, restaurants, and stores began with the founding of Muzak in the s and was characterized by repetition and simple musical arrangements. Well this is folk-folk, the elements being Irish and Balkan musics. Hassell utilized the aesthetics of American minimalism and married them to strands of electric modal jazz, the various global musics he studied, gta san andreas utorrent and electronics.

Awhile ago the pre-eminent Japanese vocalist and Renaissance scholar Kuni Yoshimura downloaded. So we've got lots of great listening to do! There are Eastern European guests who make it sound authentic, but the Irish are not hiding behind them. Zwischen berg und tiefen tal.

This piece is dedicated to my best friend - Dr. My guitar can't really do justice to the lead melody - but the recorder arrangement has some wonderful interplay.

This is one of my favorites to play - and parts cook along without much effort from the player. It's incredible, bold, dynamic, up-beat. Ne Piu de queste - is an interesting choral work. Bach's music captures all that - and much more. Hard to find any part of any work of his that isn't simply extraordinary.

This is because, for all the other songs I used stereo mic'ng, but not Revecy. Antonio Vivaldi - One of the most famous baroque composers, especially of concertos. The parts are still clear in this rendition, and some may like it better - non-stereo mic'd.

Now in his ninth decade, trumpeter, composer, and sonic conceptualist Jon Hassell remains a restless musical explorer. Beautiful melody - terrific chords and the third tenor line does some crazy counterpoint - near the end. Again a wonderfull remake of a legendary game. Four hands, two necks, one wreathing. The end result is something which sounds Balkan and Irish at the same time - and to my ears that's very attractive music.

The lowest trees have tops. It sounded great, and I wanted to play it, but was never good enough to master as a solo. It was a lover and his lass. The project is a difficult one to bring off because the Bulgarian rhythms are extremely odd to Celtic folk singers.

Sheep May Safely Graze is very popular. It was the first tune I recorded this year, and I love it - frankly and I'm not even Catholic.


Orange Free Sounds

Orange Free Sounds

Die sieben worte Jesu Christe am Kreuz. All Pleasure is of this Condition. Johannes Eccard - - a thoughtful choral work, with a powerful melody - and some very rapid-fire inner lines. En l'ombre d'un buissonet.

Recorded at home with a stripped-down set-up, Agora falls somewhere in between Fennesz's studio albums and his live improv material. Anyway - I recorded a number of typical Renaissance dance-type tunes. The Los Angeles lo-fi beatmaker presents the even heavier, more apocalyptic follow-up to his brilliant Dark Red. But when I finally got a chance to hear all the parts together - especially the middle refrain - I was blown away by the simple sweetness of its expression. Awesome counter-point as you would expect no less from Isaac.

Background Music Music Theme Overview

John Bedyngham - died circa - You know that a composer's obscure when Wikipedia doesn't have an article on him. Richard Deering - - a slower Pavan at least the way I heard it - based on the minor chords it begins with. John Dowland - - a short, stately dance. Claude Sermisy - - a composer and priest, this secular piece is hauntingly beautiful - sounding a lot like Dowland, in its harmonic complexity.

It's a stunningly beautiful first couple of mintes from the second movement of the Piano Concerto in G major. On a stormy night, the witches invoke evil spirits as they brew their magic potions. Dedicated to Graeme's wife - Tracey Irwin.

Michael Praetorious - late Renaissance like Purcell, early Baroque period composer. It's at the top of my abilities - but is such a great piece that I just figured - why wait? This particular ricercare is one of my all-time favorites - with glorious voicings, beautiful melodic lines and a spectacular ending.

Corporate / Pop

Wonderful, rich harmonies - and a surprise major key ending - given where the piece begins. This one was simply a blast to record - although the drop-C tuning low E to C was new, especially as I had to read the line down two octaves. Uptempo and jovial - and short! Thomas Morley - A quick and fun duet. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

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Samuel Scheidt - A short Courante dance, in standard triplet style. The Allegro is a wonderful, fast waltz.