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So startup must be causing something to happen. It worked when first installed? However, a file of the same name was found. Your email address will not be published. Yes, when I first installed it I was able to run the program.

AutoCad on Windows 7

The only time it works is if I delte the programm, then reinstall it. Originally Posted by bkimmel. We can not get to that step that you are talking about. This time it allows the open file windo to come up then does it. There are not two download options for the first patch, without the first patch working the second patch will not install.

But Cad worked for them until they tried to print. It has worked for me for quite some time but whatever you do only start the program from the drawing. Can someone address the above? Also note there is not a phone number to physically contact anyone at Longbow. Actually, I hope I'm dead wrong and there's a better way out there.

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You can also try Windows Restore. Every command or typed entry takes literally seconds to process. Is there something I did wrong in installing one or the other?

Hi Again, I just run a registry scanner and cleaned the registry files etc, but that has not worked either. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Come on Autocad, get a proper fix out there. When it is complete, mp3 dj mujava restart Windows and reinstall and reapply all patches.

Were you using compatability mode? Doesn't appear to be any fix for this. But now it won't run no matter what I do. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

It worked when I first installed the program, but now it doesn't. That does not work either. If you are having problems, please contact Longbow Software Support! Originally Posted by ccowgill.

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Good luck I hope it works. Maybe it has something to do with Admin rights? Originally Posted by Coolmo.

So far, I've seen no problems. Please contact Longbow Software support about this problem, they will help you specifically. You might be interested in this thread. Longbow Software Blog by Simon Booth.

It appears this is the generic page that opens when starting the program and there is a conflict with this somewhere. Then something had to have changed.

Future users be aware of this.

Originally Posted by cadtag. This is a great product to truly uninstall software, use it's last option, the most aggressive, and when it's done select all items it offers to delete and do so. Can you provide me with some help? It's been a few days since the install. Originally Posted by jaberwok.