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Goodbye jets and power valves. The throttle body directly replaces the carburetor and the power controller mounts with a few screws, and while we had to connect a few wires, for the most part it was plug in. Quicker starts, smooth idling, superior driveability, mileage, power, and cleaner emissions add up to huge improvements, making this one of the best modifications anyone can make to a street rod. We found a suitable location for the pump under the car and slightly below the level of fuel tank.

  1. Something we have become adept at lately is taking an afternoon job and squeezing it into a weekend.
  2. With the two sensors located you can disconnect the fuel line, throttle linkage, and kick-down linkage from your carburetor and then unbolt the carburetor from the intake manifold.
  3. However, the idea of a hot rod running well in any temperature, at any altitude was enough for me to take the gamble prior to my state journey.
  4. Moving to the rear the same Allen wrench brings the back blades into spec, it is a simple adjustment.
  5. If i can get through those it ll scream to red line.
  6. This ensures that your engine will produce excellent drivability at all times, even from the sunny coast to the cool mountains.

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The water temperature sensor installs just like a sender for a water temp gauge. Leave a Reply Cancel Your email address will not be published. It looks like, and installs like an electric water temp gauge sensor. Coming down the north side I drove into a snowstorm so the unit endured all kinds of weather.

This no doubt contributed to the quick installation time. There are connections for the wide-band oxygen sensor, the special handheld control monitor, as well as power and communication to the throttle body. Externally, you simply have to hook up the supply line from the fuel pump. Also I upgraded to a alternator.

Keep in mind that a wet nitrous system mandates its own fuel pump to supply the additional fuel nitrous requires. The engine starts and idles regardless of temperature. An Allen wrench in the forward adjuster dials in the front set of blades, the actual procedure is covered in the detailed instructions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When I hit those spots it can kill the car if Im not right with it jiggling the gas.

The engine water temperature sensor screws easily into a water jacket location cylinder head, intake crossover, etc. Note the double return spring on the linkage, a good idea on all linkage. However with the optional long extension the handheld unit can be used inside the car, this can be handy for advanced tuning, although many street rodders simply set the basics, set it and forget it. The fact that you can work on hot rods in a parking lot and generally get them running again without any special equipment is a comforting feeling while heading off on a long trek.

Two other sensors are required for operation, and you must install them. We have s s s and Y block and a couple of s. While there is an option for a single fuel line, we opted to run a return line back to the fuel tank, beer speed dating making our system a recirculating system.

Much of the hardware is built right into the throttle body. After a pilot hole, the step drill does a nice job of cutting a round hole. The distributor must also be locked-out. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. There are advanced tuning capabilities built into the handheld controller, but for many street rodders the self-learning mode is as far as they go.

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MSD Atomic EFI System Installation

Of course, none of that is true. The constant recirculating fuel provides a cooler fuel. You use a basic joystick for the initial and later, how to increase matchmaking advanced setup. The module will also control cooling fans and the electric fuel pump and it is all done by following the detailed wiring instructions. Dedicated plugs make the connections reliable and relatively fool proof.

  • Do you have a harness that fits?
  • You can adjust everything from fuel pressure to a rev limiter in the basic format.
  • As pointed out in the text, it must be mounted in the header collector or exhaust manifold down pipe.
  • Basically, when faced with extreme temps, a return-style system is best.
  • We opted to mount the unit on the firewall.
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Based upon the engine descriptors that you input during the initial setup, the Atomic automatically creates a base fuel map to get the engine running. If you drive through altitude changes, temperature swings or other factors the Atomic will adjust accordingly, on the fly. Your hot rod will start quicker, have a smoother idle, and provide great throttle response. Then the key was turned on, the fuel pump powered up, and with a twist of the key the fired to life and settled into a smooth idle.

As with any electric pump, they work best when fuel is pushed rather than pulled. After safely draining and containing the fuel, the lines were cut and the pump was spliced into the feed. Because the throttle body carries linkage just like a carburetor, our Lokar cables bolted right back in place. It fits on any square bore intake manifold. Next, disconnect the battery to ensure there is no power to any circuits.

With the unit bolted in place the kickdown rod and the Lokar throttle cable connect just like they did before. This is important for correct readings, older likewise be certain you have no exhaust leaks upstream of this sensor. It is in a Anglia Can you help me? The rest of it is an easy bolt in with minimal wiring and most of that is plug and play.

Here, when engine rpm reaches the programmed number, fuel will be cut off. The controller can then be used as a real-time system monitor, if you choose. One of the ongoing attractions to a great hot rod is simplicity.

It runs beautifully at the beach or going through Eisenhower pass. There is also no need to install a pressure gauge as the supplied handheld controller enables you to adjust the fuel pressure electronically, how cool is that? The temperature sending unit was next up and once again a plug on the wiring harness simply plugs to the sensor. But regardless of whether you are quick enough to do it in four hours or twelve, the results are well worth the effort. On the front side, the port on the extreme left along with the port in the center is manifold vacuum.

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Once the system is started, the self-learning technology optimizes those maps resulting in the best performance possible. Now what I have happening is I have a dead spot at rpm and another st rpm. The battery was reconnected and we answered some very basic questions on the handheld controller. This is the extent of the wiring harness.

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Both are included with the kit. These are the sensors you need to install. As such, mounting it low and toward the rear of the vehicle on the inside of a frame rail is a great location is ideal. The initial setup asks some basic questions about the engine and transmission.

Your email address will not be published. Electronics in distributors are reliable and widely accepted and yet many hot rodders seem reluctant to convert from carburetion to electronic fuel injection. There are a number of ports available on the base of the throttle body. This unit will fit any square base four-barrel intake.

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The engine fired instantly and settled right into a comfortable idle. That huge wiring harness has been reduced to a simple eight-wire harness. There are no external fuel rails. What i would like to do is keep the distributor.

You simply need to mount it in the engine compartment. One is the temperature sensor, which is a simple matter of draining the coolant and installing the sensor in the intake manifold, much like installing a gauge sending unit. This throttle body is an ingenious bit of packaging.

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