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He arrives at Abnegation where factionless and Dauntless are staying and Edward confronts him. During the sparring training, sisters dating same he unwillingly defeats Will. His nose is long with a narrow bridge. She gets shot in the stomach during the attack at Erudite headquarters and before dying reveals to Uriah and Tris that she was in love with Marlene.

In the Insurgent film, Evelyn, instead of Tori, is the one who ultimately kills Jeanine after the latter's arrest. Following her death, Tris still recounts her experiences with her mother while making many decisions. He later called Tris an insurgent and says that he enjoys categorization. He is mentioned several times in Divergent as Tori recounts the experiences about her brother, warning Tris that she will be executed if the government discovers that she is a Divergent. At the meeting, Max taunts him, explaining that Candor is a non-essential faction and thus has no bargaining power.

He is described as having an angelic face, dark green eyes, dark hair and olive skin. After Tris and Four shut down the simulation of Erudite, he escapes with them on the train towards Amity. Tessa is a member of Abnegation faction. He later leaves for the Abnegation sector with Susan. Under Eric's suggestion, he is also the one who changed the training methods of Dauntless, making them more brutal to test the strength of initiates.

While not preparing the starts he has requested one individual to watch out for the control room which Four controls when he is satisfaction preparing new individuals to Dauntless. Edward transferred to Dauntless from Erudite, but immediately shows his skill and strength in hand-to-hand combat. Tris joins the effort until Matthew tells her that, contrary to Nita's promises that they are seeking the memory serum, Nita actually wants the death serum. Four attacks him in front of everyone as the Dauntless members are teasing him to be a coward due to his confession under the influence of the truth serum.

Are the main characters in divergent dating

She developed the Aptitude Test, which has to be taken before the Choosing Ceremony. The celebrity has always been tight-lipped about his personal life. She chooses Abnegation as her faction and marries Marcus Eaton. Their chosen color is black, and all members wear black clothes.

She mercilessly teases Tris, growing extremely angry with her after Tris beats her in a fight and causes her ranking to be low. Four intervenes and stops it. At first, he has an elusive, mysterious personality, and it takes a while for him to allow himself to become close to Tris.

He appears in the novel Allegiant serving as the main antagonist. Marcus Eaton is one of the council members of Abnegation and is the only one out of these who remains alive after the attack of Dauntless controlled by Erudite through simulation. In main divergent dating fellow spb le havre job dating ruth.

She is described as having a flirtatious smile. He was born Erudite, but moved to Abnegation to start a life with Natalie. Spoilers quote from the lovely relationship between the celebrated movies.

Max is a member of Dauntless faction. She convinces Four to make Dauntless join with the factionless to defeat Erudite and form a new government system. Four finds him as a fun, yet insensitive, person and generally enjoys his company. He was in a relationship with Christina which ends with his death.

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Are the main characters in divergent dating

Divergent Characters

During the sparring training Al knocks him out and in his next fight, he defeats Christina. She serves as Amity's representative, since they do not believe in having a formal leader. Later Tris saves David's life during the attack by Nita. Against his skin his smile looks white. She has many piercings including a lip piercing, one in her ear from top to bottom and three silver rings through her right eyebrow.

Can anyone help me with what the theme is? Beatrice was born and raised in the Abnegation faction, but chooses Dauntless because she feels it is who she truly is. The Blacks are neighbors of the Prior family and she along with her brother, grew up with Tris and Caleb. As a result, online Tris decides to sacrifice herself but he begs her not to. It is revealed that he and Myra are no longer together due to his increasingly violent nature.

Orange is the new black characters dating in real life

During the sparring in training, he beats Tris until she falls unconscious, but loses to Edward. She is also good friends with Tris. During initiation, can you he mocks Tris and her friends along with his lackeys Molly and Drew. Four shares information with Tris that he discovered about Erudite's plans to use Dauntless to stage an attack on Abnegation.

Amar is a former Dauntless instructor for initiates outside of Dauntless. Peter appears in Divergent. Christina, Al, and Will do not take Tris's friendship with them well. She administers the aptitude test for both Tris and Four.

Are the main characters in divergent dating
  • He is the instructor for the transfer initiates and develops strong feelings for Tris.
  • He is described as having a hooked nose with black hair and is an affectionate and caring man.
  • Just like Tris, he was born Abnegation, but chose to transfer to Dauntless to escape the abuse of his father.
  • But Tris and Christina decide not to report him as they know that Dauntless will not do anything to Peter.

She was reluctant about finding the truth go the experiment and she was nearly killed by Jeanine's order after hiding that Tris was divergent. Tori reveals to her that Divergents are capable of shutting down and breaking through the simulation. Divergent is strong and christina started dating the divergent film franchise has been the free encyclopedia. His apparent death was officially ruled as suicide but his sister Tori does not believe that, knowing her brother was happy and also dating a fellow initiate. She secretly observes along with Tris, matchmaking mw2 Four and Lynn a meeting between Candor representative Jack and Max who comes as a representative of Erudite.

Divergent Character List

He is a scientist who does research on serums and monitors the Chicago experiment. After passing initiation, she discovers that Erudite plan to attack Abnegation. Tris wound up shooting him in the foot rather, as she knew she didn't have it in her to execute him.

Divergent characters dating

He joins the surviving Abnegation members along with his father and goes to Dauntless with him and Tris. In the past four days, I faced four fears. Their natural chemistry is shailene woodley-starring film in a guy?

  1. She is described as having dark eyes and hair with light skin.
  2. Lauren is a member of Dauntless faction.
  3. David is seriously injured but is saved from Nita's growing rage when Tris appears and threatens to kill David.
  4. He is described as having pale green eyes.
  5. She also reminds her to keep quiet about it by telling her about her brother George, who was also Divergent and got killed because of it.
  6. When Eric attacks Candor and release a new serum which does not affect Divergent, it does not knock out him like others and Tris finds out that he is Divergent like her.
Are the main characters in divergent dating
Summit dates Divergent March 21 2014

She is not mentioned to have been expelled from Dauntless though it is likely due to her extreme trauma over the second initiation test and does not appear in the sequel. The simulations act in a hypnotic fashion and initiates forget their situation isn't real. She was originally from Dauntless and is also a Divergent like her daughter.

Study Guide for Divergent Divergent study guide contains a biography of Veronica Roth, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Marvel dating characters Spoilers quote from the celebrated movies. This is a list of major and minor characters in the Divergent book trilogy and its subsequent film adaptation, The Divergent Series. During the choosing ceremony in Divergent, he is the second person to choose a faction and is also the first transfer.

Once Four says his final goodbye, Marcus departs and is never seen again. She later explains to Tris that she was in Four's initiate class and he taught her how to fight. Amar was later discovered to be a Divergent and apparently killed, with his body found near the railroad tracks. The ceremony begins with the post of final rankings and Tris is ranked first. Eric was born in Erudite and transfers to Dauntless.

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