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What can I do to correct this problem and how do I go about it? You get the same result either way. John, The software generally works on any two systems at once.

States I need to deactive before I can reactivate. It looks like the support is gone.

This is so unacceptable for a company that makes products for those of us who often work on weekends out of necessity. In this situation the best thing to do is contact customer support and explain the situation.

Irrelevant - you can still take the software and disable the telemetry and registration process easily. You should deactivate on Lion before downgrading to Snow Leopard as a precaution against bugs. Saves time and work for customers and support staff. In such a case the communication failure is very likely in your own environment.

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It's simply out and out greed. If anyone else uses it, it's no better than any pirate software off the web. Hello Eric, I am having a similar problem to some of the people above, but slightly different. Odds are that this serial number has been activated on at least two systems already.

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You no longer have to set aside half a month's pay. Bill, The way to most quickly address this problem is to call customer care. Why in gawds name would the deactivation process need to be done from the computer to be deactivated, when a common reason for deactivation is due to a complete system crash, hard drive failure, etc.

Its rare and welcome positive feedback. My computer crashed due to virus, but has been fixed now.

As a Newbie, I am always probing online for articles that can help me. Thank you, once again, Eric.

Eric, you seem like a knowledgeable person, or at least knowledgeable enough to fake it. These are not giving the activation limit warning. It says, a problem has been detected and please reinstall your software.

Have your serial number ready found on the product box or on your order email and make sure you have access to the computer on which you are installing. Do I have any recourse or will I need to repurchase the software? There was no way I could deactivate. But I am still pretty annoyed that I had to do this.

This question, though, isn't the correct forum for my moans. It is telling me to deactivate my other pc. As they have been re-imaged, how is it possible to de-activate those machines? Online support has been absolutely useless for me. Customer care is well trained on this common issue.

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There's nothing to stop someone from releasing a cracked version of the latest Photoshop. Is there any other explanation other than it being counterfeit?

Download apps on a new computer. Creative Cloud requirements. In such a case, please send me an email and we can try to debug it remotely.

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All I want to do is deactivate both windows versions so it can run on the Mac, but obviously I have neither computer available. That said, there are various piracy considerations with such an approach. This is pretty typical scenario and we do have a quick way to deal with it. The general approach is to interact with customer care. Next was activation, they found ways to crack it.

What is it that makes you suspect the first machine is deactivated and second machine activated? There are far more sites like this if you search.

That, my friend, is a sad state of affairs. Windows Problems installing? So I suspect the second machine is actually not activated. But every time you guys make it easier for us genuine customers it is much appreciated.

Jim, Often uninstall will successfully accomplish deactivation as well, depending on whether or not you can connect to the internet at that time and what uninstall options were used. Often uninstall will successfully accomplish deactivation as well, best bootstrap templates depending on whether or not you can connect to the internet at that time and what uninstall options were used. There are full alternatives that are legally free albeit less intuitive and precise such as Gimp and Krita. Platform Product and Version Serial Number. This is my third version of this app.

Removing Deactivation Limit

You can't take Photoshop with you when you pass away either. These activation hijinks do more to annoying pay customers than they do to prevent piracy. Such unnecessary stress for your long standing customers! Technical Communication Suite. Whoever thought up the licensing system needs to think again.

Problems installing on Windows? Please do understand that you may not have a hit in your bottom line profit but you would not be able to take all the wealth with you when you pass away. Eventually after going to ask. Well, i doubt these outsourced sites.